Coaching your way to success

Coaching your way to success

Mirela Moldoveanu Ph.D. GMBPsS

IČO: 88274560
+420 608 322 997

Coaching inspired me to make changes in my own life. Having my child prompted in me the need to learn more about human nature. I earned a degree in Psychology and a Practitioner Coach Certification with EQA accreditation from the EMCC Global and ICF, and I have recently received my EMCC Global EIA Senior Practitioner certification. I continued my studies in Psychology and both coaching and psychology helped me improve my communication and listening skills. The effects were visible in both my personal and my private life.

At first, coaching was a side-activity to my full-time job as an IT Project Manager, but its principles and processes became a lifestyle. By using evidence-based methods and principles from psychology, coaching can be fruitfully applied to our daily life as it improves our listening and communication skills, and our self-awareness. Similarly, coaching proves to be an increasingly useful tool in Human Resources Management practice.

As your coach, I am here to effectively guide your towards exploring ways to meet your life and professional goals, and toward making the changes that can improve your life.

As an organisational coach, I will assist your organisation with its continuous quest toward raising productivity and wellbeing at work.

This is how my life journey met coaching. Your life journey can do the same.

Coaching Sapiens Reviews
Anca RacasanAnca Racasan
05:45 16 Oct 22
I had several coaching sessions with Mirela both in individual and couples coaching setup. Mirela is a great coach, very professional and very focused. She is great at active listening and in a lot of cases she deducted more from what I was not saying (body language, small expressions) then from my words. She has helped me see different perspectives and test my limits and overall better knowing and accepting myself. I recommend Mirela fully!
Ana LevchAna Levch
12:00 23 Aug 22
I am one of Mirela`s students as she is an increadible Psychology, and Presentation Techniques professor at a univercity in Prague. Mrs Moldoveanu WAS and IS my favourite professor during all these 3 years of studying. It was a pleasure to see a professor who makes their student love what they are studying. Very professional and open minded person who likes not just teaching things but also have genuine conversations with their studentto see their train of thoughts.Nevertheless, Mirela was also my thesis supervisor, which definetely influenced the results. I received the highers mark possible. It was a pleasure to study and work with Professor Moldoveanu.
Dana Mol.Dana Mol.
10:52 15 Feb 22
Mirela and I engaged in a continuous coaching supervision sessions in order to grow my coaching skills. Working everyday with clients creates the space for increasing our competences as coaches and Mirela has great capacity for insight and learning. She helped me see my blind spots and motivated me to further develop my view on different coaching situation as well as the courage to try new ways of working with my clients. She is very organised, logic and supportive and her extended knowledge in organisational psychology and hands on experience with companies makes the supervision sessions with her very useful. I strongly recommend Mirela as coach and supervisor for those who want to develop further and find new ways of action for personal and professional development.
Adrin Amin SalehiAdrin Amin Salehi
09:26 13 Feb 22
I highly recommend the Coaching Sapines Coaching Services. Mirela is very professional. The sessions did not only help me develop new techniques but she also asks the right questions. Overall in every session, I had an eye opening moment where I started to see things from a different perspective. The exercises on top of that really helped me to manifest my findings.
Sana AliSana Ali
07:53 22 Sep 21
She’s very professional and authentic. All the session were an eye opening and helped me to develop myself with different techniques and exercises.
18:15 29 Mar 21
18:15 29 Mar 21
18:15 29 Mar 21