I began the coaching sessions with Mirela at a time when I was feeling under pressure, stressed and utterly unhappy, but her coaching skills helped me to clearly identify and visualise the essential key goals which led to major changes in my life and provided the positive reinforcement for moving forward. Thanks to Mirela’s actionable insights and great questions, I was able to properly focus, prioritise, find new values and take solid decisions. Mirela is able to strike the delicate balance between listening objectively and guiding in a gentle manner, hence providing the foundation for future changes and personal growth. I can assert that she turned out to be more than an amazing coach, turning into an exceptional role model.
Sarah D.
Project Consultant
As my coach, Mirela was always authentic and honest. She was mentally and emotionally present and always managed to guide me through my thoughts and issues however chaotic they arrived at times. Expressing my feelings, goals or reasons for my behaviour to another person and sometimes to myself was never my strength. Yet, Mirela managed to listen carefully, use silence and ask the right questions in order to guide me toward waking up my inner voice and finding my words that resonated with how I thought and felt. She treated our discussions with empathy and consideration, never have I felt my problems were minimised or have I felt judged by Mirela. However deep a discussion, she guided me through it and towards my own solutions. Coaching with Mirela was a kind, secure and logical ride and thanks to it I managed to structure my thoughts, learn about myself and redesign my life.
Laura T
Academic Professional
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Purposefully Living YOU
Accomplished Professional