Coaching your way to success

Coaching your way to success

Coaching services and prices

You learn how to navigate life problems using tool to improve your mental flexibility, change your perspective and behaviour. Lesson learned here help you address situations which haven’t occurred yet and are beyond the issues discussed with me.

Whether you need to improve your productivity at work or at home, or you need to balance your work life and your personal one, this may be your focus in coaching.

You can learn what to focus on, and how to optimise your activities so that you reach your career goals, be it a promotion, or a new job, or a change in the way your view your job and your work environment.

Do you sometimes feel people don’t understand you or you miss to understand them? Communication may seem easy and is usually taken for granted, but acquiring the skills to communicate well takes time and practice.

Individual sessions, with no medium/long-term plan – 1900 Kc (or 80 Euro)

3 sessions of 50 minutes – 5500 Kc (or 230 Euro)

5 sessions of 50 minute – 9250 Kc (or 390 Euro)

The price for the trainings depends on the content and length.

Due to the Coronavirus-19 restrictions currently in effect in the Czech Republic, the coaching sessions will be organised online, via Zoom, Skype or MS Teams.