Beating the odds - what does that say about our reality?

Is reality merely a series of random events? Does the quantum uncertainty principle somehow influence the macroscopic life, hence, also our decisions? Or everything that occurs in the perceived reality is the result of Murphy’s law, which is translated as “everything that can happen, will happen”?

To what extend are the events in our life, and maybe some of our decisions, determined, and to what extent are we in control, at any given moment? Can we make our own luck and is luck quantifiable?

Certainly, being aware of your behavioural patterns, of your biases, and your strengths and limitations can help you get under control what you say or do in settings which you can understand, influence and manage. And certainly there are different/additional factors at play that lead to one being twice where an atomic bomb is being dropped and surviving both these events..

In any case, repeatedly beating the statistical odds is in itself beating statistical odds, for any type of event. This is a good read, puts things into a different perspective than our own daily experiences can do.. 

Beating the odds – 8 of the luckiest people on have ever lived on Earth!